Simple Business Management System

SBMS Features

At last, a truly integrated system that is easy to use and designed with your specific needs in mind! Our system is a true single entry system. This means you only have to enter information one time and the computer copies that information correctly to all the necessary modules. We have taken great care to make this system very user friendly with help screens available throughout the program. Data entry screens are easy to read and simple. Reports are straightforward and easy to read.

We have worked with businesses like yourself for over 20 years. When you purchase one of our systems, you get much more than a computer program. You get the knowledge of someone who has been involved with your type of business and knows how to make a computer work quickly and effectively for your business.

All modules of the system are totally integrated. This means you need only to enter data once and it will affect all modules! The entire system is designed to be a real time system. All information is posted as entered so all reports which are used daily will reflect all information entered. Only the General Ledger module needs to be posted at the end of each month (about 5 minutes). Any of these modules may be purchased separately or you may purchase the complete package and add modules as needed. All modules can be customized to your needs and preferences. We can also design and create other functions specifically for your business.

Some of the things you get with the SIMPLE Business Management System:

SALES GENERATION - A very important part of your business! The system is designed to help with this necessary function of any business! Reports listing customers to contact may be generated very easily and we suggest they are used very regularly! This feature alone can earn you many times the cost of this system!

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE - An area which must be closely monitored in today's marketplace. Individual invoices and monthly statements including listing of all invoices may be generated. You may see reports listing aged customer accounts by totals or by individual invoice. There is a report designed for calling past due customers with all information necessary to collect your money! We have also included a past due letter which has proven effective in collections! You can also charge service charge and interest to past due accounts.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE - You may see at any time the total amount payable to your vendors in aged fashion either totals only or by individual invoice. Paying open invoices is easy with this system. Selections of ways to pay open invoices include: PAY ALL OVER 30 DAYS, PAY ALL OVER 60 DAYS, etc., PAY ALL ELIGIBLE FOR DISCOUNT, and SELECT INDIVIDUAL INVOICES. The system will automatically compute discounts available and will deduct these from your payment.

CHECK WRITING - The system will print checks for you. Checks may be written one at a time or several at once.

GENERAL LEDGER - Tracks monthly totals combining all income and expenses. Also lists all assets and liabilities.

INVENTORY - REAL TIME INVENTORY - As items are sold or purchased, inventory is adjusted. You may see reports listing number and dollar amounts of parts and services sold with a 2 year history. This may be for a single customer or all sales. Also you may see a report listing all customers who have purchased a single item from you with a two year history. These same reports are available for items and services purchased. The system can also calculate when to reorder items based on past usage and generate reports listing items to be ordered. Prices for items can be found quickly on screen or you may print price lists for your inventory. You may also see current cost (cost at time of last purchase) for any item.

INVOICING - The system tracks which customers are taxed and what their pricing should be. When an item or service is billed, the system will track the cost and selling price. You may see reports listing profit on each invoice. If an item is stocked, the system will automatically price the item for this particular customer. Invoices are never deleted from the system. You always have access to all detailed information from any invoice. This feature is outstanding when speaking to a customer about an old bill! You may locate invoices by Invoice #, Customer, Item #, Customer Order #, or Date.

JOB COSTING - The system tracks all labor and material costs for each job, and for each line item for that job, so you can see exactly what your cost is for each item on a particular job as well as the total cost for the job.

PAYROLL - The system tracks hourly or salaried employees, all federal and state deductions, and any additional deductions you may wish to enter.

PURCHASE ORDERS - You have the ability to track purchase orders and see if all items have been received. It is not necessary to write purchase orders, but if written, the system will list price on screen that you were quoted when receiving each item. Purchase Orders are always intact in the system. You may locate purchase orders by Purchase Order #, Vendor, Item #, or Date.

CUSTOMIZED PROCEDURES AND REPORTS - Available to fit your individual business needs and available when you want them!